Everybody benefits from
a level playing field

An Open Communication Operator is changing the rules of the game in the internet industry

The Most Effective Broadband Solution

On one side we recognize a wide variety of strong telecom brands and service providers. On the other side we see the need for fair pricing in local broadband networks. Open Communication Operator changes telecom from a vertical to a horizontal value chain by introducing a neutral player between the service provider and passive network operator.

We essentially take care of the interests of service providers as well as the interests of the network operator.

Customers have influence on price due to the freedom of choice of services they want to obtain. By introducing network ownership to the end customer even the infrastructure can deliver gain and transparency for them. By achieving this, Open Communication Operator creates a balanced value chain.

Our mission

  • To support high utilized broadband networks accross Europe
  • Being the best of breed Open Communications Operator (OCO)
  • Creation of an open European service provider market

Our vision

Internet will be like electricity available on every premises
Services are driven by personal preferences
Community network ownership to encourage usage of FttX networks

Open Communication Operator provides solutions for more effective networks

A digital marketplace – Service providers already connecting through Open Communication Operator