Maximize utilization

Network Operators of every kind can boost their networks

Network operators throughout Europe face challenges for maximising the utilisation of networks. Open Communication Operator provides an effective solution with flexible terms.

Open Communication Operator provides a solution for effective operational, financial and technical management of telecommunications networks

Solely a Communication Operator

Network operators can take advantage of a full automated operations on the active layer of the network. Supercharged by the BOOST platform, Open Communication Operator offers the essential building blocks of a successful and valuable network. This contains systems for business support, operational support, provisioning and management.

A full OpenNet model

In an OpenNet model there is a guarantee on a healthy cash flow, because of a ‘no churn’ situation. CAPEX remains low , OPEX is optimized because of an optimal utilization of the vital active layer. An OpenNet is a digital local access network in the hands of citizens, supercharged by Open Communication Operator

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Two investment schemes for one ultimate solution

Full OPEX model

This is the most attractive model for network operators of all sizes. The use and maintenance of active equipment – network hardware -, configuration, exploitation and licensing of used systems are all accommodated in one price per month per port.

The full OPEX-model means less risk for a network operator, because there is a direct connection between income and expenditures. Network operators will also experience the vast advantage of outsourcing maintenance of equipment to Open Communication Operator.

Hybrid CAPEX/OPEX model

A network owner is also free to collaborate in a hybrid scheme. Active equipment is fully specified by Open Communication Operator but will be procured by the network operator. Due to a European scale we can assist in the process of procurement with competitive prices.

The operation on the network and licensing of the used systems will be handled by Open Communication Operator. The initial setup costs will be translated into a project proposal, after that there will be a monthly fee per port per month.