Creating the right market at the right time

Open CO delivers a direct convertible market

Open Communication Operator creates an easy way for service providers to join and offer telecommunication services to the connected end users. The expansion of the network has no technical impact for the service providers. Therefore the service providers can purely focus on market conversion by the means of:

– The unique automated provisioning
– The low cost market entrance
– Low investments in technology

Service providers just have to take care of their service offers and contracts to their customers to take up the market right away with Open Communication Operator.

With Open Communication Operator service providers are having an unique opportunity to convert marketing and salesefforts in to loyal customers.

Operations and maintenance

The network operations and maintenance of the broadband network is taken care of by Open Communication Operator. We are in full control over the active layer of the network. Open Communication Operator offers fair priced transport services and doesn’t intervene with the business of the service providers since it doesn’t offer end user services.

Technical infrastructure

Open Communication Operator makes arrangements with network owners for the exploitation of the network and organizes the technical infrastructure for distribution of services from the service provider to the customer.

Equal for everyone

The Communication Operator will never provide services itself, being only responsible for the distribution of services (layer 2 transport service) and nothing else. The central interface for service providers is transparent and the conditions are equal for everyone.

Join Open Communication Operator now

And start open up markets through a mutual continuous partnership

Open Communication Operator wants to connect service providers of all kinds!

Trusted brands

We provide established (trusted) brands stability and security in operations. Trusted brands can offer their already existing products safely and quickly to new customers.

Trusted brands normally deliver to large markets and want to present service offerings to the market as a whole. Our delivery model grants easy access to even small areas and does not conflict or intervene with the existing product market mix of the trusted brand.

We easily can interfaces with the existing business processes of this type of service provider and enhances even trusted brand value. The trusted brand  service provider will experience the ease of dealing with us and can access market domains that otherwise not can be disclosed for the own product portfolio.

“Grey areas” and ”white” areas for broadband that are not commercially accessible come now in as a new growth market by using our principles.

Upcoming brands

We offer Upcoming Brands the most fast, flexible and fair telecommunication solution. By providing Upcoming Brands direct access to a new potential customer base Open CO provides a powerful tool for building growth.

We support Upcoming Brands in marketing and sales directly. Custom made templates for brochures, graphic layout for websites, template websites and more media are available. Backends contain complete facilities for marketeers, service providers and content managers to support the customer journey.

Our Interaction

Together we design an implementation scenario for the technical and process issues. We create the suitable interfaces and Go2market with your services. Co-operation with local partners combines our mission and vision with local market knowledge.

Embrace  a ‘first mover advantage’ and build up a loyal customer-base like never before.

Disruptive brands

Open CO is offering the best solutions for game changers. Together we start to develop a solid scenario for implementation of business processes and technical interaction. Descriptives, interfaces and contracts are available. We even support Disruptive Brands in no-nonsense marketing and sales.

We believe in co-operation and the power of the crowd to create change. Their core values: let’s make the Internet Fast, Flexible and Fair.

Disrupting the market by making it transparent

Community based services are a new phase in the Internet business. Internet users want to be independent and in control over the Internet service they rely on every single day. Community based services  are a bottom up movement of people with fresh ideas based on excessive Internet user experience.

Disruptive service providers put together a no-nonsense, simple, and future proof Internet service that fulfils one others basic needs: Fast, Flexible and Fair Fiber Internet connection.

Service providers already connecting through Open Communication Operator