The BOOST platform

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BOOST – Broad Open Operator System Telecom – is a business operations platform designed and built for (communication) operators.

Open Communication Operator connects and provides the right tools at the right time to service providers and network operators.

With the e-TOM process model as a starting point we create automated delivery, monitoring and change of digital services for local broadband telecommunications networks. In the telecom industry, this software is known as OSS / BSS systems.


Full business process integration

This building block – based on the e-TOM model – connects business processes of the services providers and network owners to the communication operator, creating a seamless integrated chain automation.

BOOST creates opportunities to offer granular services in access networks.


Shaping the intelligent network

OCS – Open Configuration System – is a software-engine that scripts the configurations for the various network nodes. It gives these nodes the characteristics derived from the blue print designed architecture ON-BOOST©. Once the node has its configuration it is seen as a robust part of the network. The provisioning engine and the global facility network recognizes the node and unleashes the capabilities.


Using the BOOST- BSS

OPS – Open Provisioning System – is a software-engine that takes care of delivering services towards the customer. When a service providers defines the offering, a fully automated process takes care of the delivery. The customer selects the service directly from a portal. OPS functions fully integrated on top of OCS.


Controlling with BOOST- OSS

FCAP – Fault, Capacity, Availability, Performance – is controlled by the NOC (Network Operating Center). Every node is monitored and controlled through the GFN (Global Facility Network).  The NOC and GFN are the ‘watchdogs’ over the network, granting safety and continuity.

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Connected to the core

BOOST as a platform is inseparable from the architecture and design of the network components. This ensures proper operation and controlled development efforts. BOOST is affordable and easy to implement.

Network Operating Center

This is the central nerve center which is available 24 hours a day to all connected networks. We keep track and have the most expensive and labor-intensive processes centrally organized. A very efficient solution which reflects in the price for these activities.

Global facility network

The operation is founded on records in data collections and insights in digital assets. All systems are monitored through our Global Facility Network (GFN).
Installation of network components mean that they join the existing ‘family’ and get their security guard from the GFN.

Network components

The network components are themselves provided with configurations that provide consistently reliable behavior. All the components together are part of the standard architecture BOOST. BOOST is used on a daily basis since 2011.

Service providers and network operators supercharging their business with BOOST